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To teach those out there who say:"I don't like beer!", that they didn't have the right beer yet.

Ontario's new pastry stout is from Omnipollo: Prodromus

Ontario's new pastry stout is from Omnipollo: Prodromus

Who and What is Omnipollo?

IKEA is not the only best thing that comes out of Sweden. From the fashion industry, now to the beer, Omnipollo has one philosophy: "To change the way we perceive beer, forever".

Consisting of Henok Fentie, the recipe guy and Karl Grandin, the aesthetic half, the designer, they make sensational brews shaking up the craft market on both taste and visual fronts. When they crossed paths, they both thought that the craft beer scene needed to be made more fashionable in order to appeal to more people. And when you have such a clear target in mind, founding your brand as a brewer and designer duo was inevitable. It was 2011 when they created Omnipollo; "omnipotent + chicken", if that makes sense. Hip, if you ask me.

In 2014, they succeeded to be listed in RateBeer's Top 100 Brewers in the world. A gypsy brewer, just like Mikkeller, no brewery of their own, brewing here and there, using the tools and facilities of friends around the world.

Prodromus: Deep Fried Graham Cracker Chocolate Chunk Caramel Bar

As you may already be aware, Omnipollo is also famous for their tasty and "different" imperial stouts. Anagram Blueberry Cheesecake Stout, Yellow Belly Peanut Butter Biscuit Stout, Noa Pecan Mud Cake to name a few of their "pastry stouts".

Pastry stouts are dessert beers full on coffee, vanilla beans, coconut, cinnamon, chilies, cacao nibs brewed with the appropriate sweeter malts. It is a controversial field; some think that they don't taste like "traditional beer" and do not conform to style, others like me enjoy drinking it.

Check that head!

Prodromus is a typical pastry stout brewed with vanilla, cocoa nibs, and cookie dough that was deep fried over a charcoal fire. Sounds like our local bakery around the corner. Listed having 12% ABV in 2016, it is now down to 10,5%. Which is still tricky, as you don't feel any alcohol in it.

A weird name for such beer right? The origin of the word is from the 19th century: via French from New Latin prodromus, from Greek prodromos forerunner. 

Based on Wİkipedia; a prodromus or "prodrome" is a term used in natural sciences to describe a preliminary publication intended as the basis for a later, more comprehensive work. It is also a medical term used for a premonitory symptom, that is, a symptom indicating the onset of a disease. Maybe Omnipollo is trying to tell us about a future beer that might hit LCBO soon, who knows. But a different name for sure.

Brewed in Ontario at BRUNSWICK BIERWORKS

Brewed in Ontario

This is as local as it could get. Brewed by the Swedish gypsies at Brunswick, made in Ontario. Built as a hotel in 1891, now operating as a collective of brewery partners, they welcome guests (in our case, brewmasters and breweries) from around the world to brew quality and fresh beers. Prodromus is a delicious result of Henok's visit of Ontario last summer. Another one is Omnipollo's Zodiak IPA, you prpbably all know by now. 

You can find this beer in LCBOs, also on tap at BierMarkt, WVRST, I'm sure you will also have it at Birreria Volo, Toronot, it's about time.

Caramel indulgence, chocolate rush with A LOT of sweetness

I should warn you, this beer is sweet. Probably sweeter than any other beers you drank already. It's full on caramel, with almost no roastiness and bitterness. The fact that it was brewed with vanilla and cocoa nibs give every sip a sweeter touch. Some maltiness is present, but the aroma is caramel. Everything about this beer is about caramel and vanilla. I could almost call it a cookie dough with caramel chunks. Alcohol is noticeable but not too offensive. You wouldn't say it's a 10,5% ABV beer.

The smell is some marshmallow, licorice and definitely graham cracker. You remember that caramely, burnt smell when you torch some s'mores? This is very much like it; a cotton candy on fire. 

I enjoyed it very much when I first tried it, but now the more I drink, the sweeter it is and the harder it becomes to finish an entire can. I would also recommend to try the remaining half of the beer at a warmer temperature, the aroma and taste get even more complex. That's when booziness starts to hit. It's $5,95 per can as of December 2017.

Your friend during rough Canadian winters and also a holiday beer; Merry Christmas!


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